About us

The Van Ruiten Family is active in trade of vegetables and preserves since 1875. The founder of the company was Hein van Ruiten, his son Siem took over the business of trading in vegetables and the production of preserves and learned the know-how to his son Nico. Nico founded the company N.W. van Ruiten B.V. in 1954, a company which is specialized in manufacturing preserves for the catering industry and vegetable trade.


Nico's four sons; Siem, John, Jos and Peter took over the business in 1968. Since January 2003 their sons, Mike and Jerry are continuing the family business.


The knowledge of manufacturing preserves has been given over from generation to generation as well as the special recipes for the various sweet and sour products. The sweet and sour products of the NVR label, N.W. van Ruiten's own brand, are a treat for everybody. The products are of the best quality and there is a complete range of products available. The products are packed in clear glass jars or solid tins.